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Serena R King

Author, Mentor, Inspirational Speaker, and a force to be reckoned with...

Serena R King

Author, Mentor, and Inspirational speaker…

SERENA KING is a third time author who has lived and learned the illusive secrets of this thing we like to call life, hence her first book ‘Loving Legit.’ My Absolute Journey is a precursor to ‘Loving Legit,’ and outlines the challenges King faced not only in life, but as a young entrepreneur striving to unleash her purpose.

King also wrote a third title entitled, ‘My Absolute Journey: My Short-Guide to Self-Publishing;’ to give aspiring writers some encouragement to tell their own stories. Kings tenacious energy drove her to set goals higher than her mind could initially reach. Despite the fact she was told several times that she would fail.


My Absolute Journey

...Never let the past determine your future. Life is hard but worth living.

Serena King knows all about difficulties, tough breaks and trials. At the same time, she knows all about overcoming those challenges and pushing herself to the limit. Through her resiliency and tenacious focus, she has uncovered her self-worth and has dived head first into fulfilling her purpose in life. King believes that the only roadblocks that people face are those that are mentally self-imposed.

The medicine that healed this defeatist thinking for King was her faith in God. She began to believe in herself and, starting with liking who she saw in the mirror, she began to change and renew her state of mind.

Book Reviews and Testimonials

As a man, I was a little iffy when this book came across my desk. I thought to myself, “Why must a woman’s idea of [legit love] be more appropriate or more legitimate than a man’s idea?” I just assumed this book would be bias towards men. After reading this book, I regret ever judging the book by its cover. Without giving away the story, this book taught me that true love starts within. I learned so much about myself and other people from my past, and why we act the way we do in relationships. I don’t know whether Serena King or Shonda Rhimes wrote this book. Yes, it’s THAT interesting. It’s almost impossible to stop reading. Every chapter is full of suspense, romance, drama, and even comedy. I definitely look forward to reading more books by this author in the future.
Legit Love kept me on the edge of my seat literally the whole time - the plot twists, the suspense; it's definitely a page turner! As a reader, I grew fond of Monica so it was easy to connect to the story - laughing, holding my mouth in awe... it's a modern day woman's journey. There are even points of self-discovery for the main character; so you can sense the author's goal of implementing a positive message about self-love. You won't be disappointed - get your copy today!
Breeahna B.
This was quite a read. I enjoyed it from beginning to end. I was indulged the entire time. I can’t say that about all books!
Ciara A.
My wife made me read the book with her. It was phenomenal! Can’t complain!
Brad S.
In this novel King reaches readers by immediately painting a vivid, yet familiar picture of a young woman, Monica, on a personal journey to self love. King captures readers through providing details of Monica's personal experiences, relationships and achievements. Once she captures you she dangles you for the rest of the novel as she hones in on successful Monica's relationship with a new man who seems to have a story of his own. You can't quite put your finger on it but there is something about him and once the man's secret has been revealed you will be blown away. In her very first novel, King reminds young women of all backgrounds of the moment they fell in love with themselves, of a bad relationship they may have had that made them lose themselves and how rebuilding and creating themselves afterwards is what created the strong, self-loving women they all are. We all have been there, King's novel takes you back with a twist and leaves you ready to personally experience her own growth as a writer as you await her next novel!
Tanae M.
When Serena King sent me the first pages of her manuscript nearly 18 months before it was published, I was immediately hooked. I was thrilled when I finally received the rest, and my wait was rewarded with a true rags-to-riches story. King has overcome incredible odds to become the successful woman that she is today.
Whether you're at the beginning, middle, or end of your journey, this book is for you! There are so many first-hand accounts of growth and how a little faith and positivity can go a long way. For those women "lost in transition" this book has the tools you need to guide you on that "refresher's course" and to get you going in the right direction. The workbook at the end gives King the added bonus to help guide and start you on your new journey.
My Absolute Journey: My Short Guide to Self-Publishing” delivers as promised! This short how-to manual provides the reader with a quick, step-by-step guide to the self-publishing process, helping authors know what is involved during each step of the journey. King’s practical advice will prove invaluable if you plan to self-publish a book. She speaks from experience, and I especially appreciate that she was never afraid to just dive in and do what it takes to accomplish her goals.

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My Absolute Journey

You can purchase my most recent book, My Absolute Journey by visiting my shop page. You will receive a signed copy when you purchase directly from me. All my books are also sold on Amazon and on Barnes and Noble. If you have any question please contact me at serenarkingbookings@gmail.com.