About Me

SERENA KING is a third time author who has lived and learned the illusive secrets of this thing we like to call life, hence her first book ‘Loving Legit.’ My Absolute Journey is a precursor to ‘Loving Legit,’ and outlines the challenges King faced not only in life, but as a young entrepreneur striving to unleash her purpose. King also wrote a third title entitled, ‘My Absolute Journey: My Short-Guide to Self-Publishing;’ to give aspiring writers some encouragement to tell their own stories. Kings tenacious energy drove her to set goals higher than her mind could initially reach. Despite the fact she was told several times throughout her younger years that she would fail. She knew God had something bigger. With her great ability to dream big dreams, she achieved some great feats.

King loves to meditate on this very phrase, ‘Never let the past determine your future. Life is hard but worth living.’ Engraining that phrase in her mind made her realize that she was already equipped with the tools and skill set she needs to succeed. All one must do is set a goal and work every day until it becomes reality. King now speaks to college students, women’s organizations and many more about her plight. She has also been mentioned in a few publications, one being the Atlantan Magazine 2016 Issue, as one of their Dynamic Women. She hopes to impart upon people enough drive and energy to believe that they, too, can have the life that they want if they’re willing to sacrifice and set sail to their ordained destination.

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